From the cover story – “Be Brave to Fly” in Cheers Magazine, No. 74

You never know what changes will occur because of a visit abroad. Many office workers desire to search for freedom and to understand what they really want in their lives, and they are brave enough to give up their jobs to study abroad for a short time. In this diversified and international era, they need to try to live in a different environment to stimulate their thinking and make them full of energy to continue their work.

I look at my life and I find it is stable and going smoothly, but sometimes I think it is not enough. I need something different to stimulate my thoughts. I want to try more things, but I have many excuses not to. I am almost 30 years old, I think it’s time I do more or I will lose the energy to manage my life, and I will regret it in the future. It’s time to do something I have not done before, and I have decided to travel by myself first.

Why do I choose this plan to do first? Because traveling is the fastest way to grow up and get a different point of view. Arrange a vacation to go abroad for about 10 days, maybe more, and don’t think too much about work and the boss. I believe that if I schedule the vacation, there will be no excuse. Even if I lose my job, I will get more from somewhere else. I always think too much; sometimes it is good for me, but sometimes it makes me mark time. I am not so young, and I don’t have so much time to waste. I hope I can be brave enough to take a look at this world, and I hope it can bring good changes to me.




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